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Hot Tub/Spa Repair:

Is your spa leaking or the buttons not working? Diagnostic and repair of spas can be tricky, but rest assured our factory certified and prepared technicians will re-establish your bubbling therapy. Whether it’s a warranty issue or not, we have the resources and the know-how to troubleshoot any system glitch, not failing to mention the ability to completely restore an older spa from start to finish.

Transfer of pools:

Above ground pools have the advantage of transportability. If they ever need to be taken down, removal is simple. If you’re moving from one city to another take your above ground pool with you – we can make it happen! Or let’s say your neighbor has a pool that they would like to remove and you have been talking about wanting one – you’re in luck! We will remove, transfer, and re-install your pool.

Demolition & Pool Removal:

If your pool has seen its day or you just don’t use it anymore- we’ll have it gone before you know it! Typically our crews will have above ground pools removed in less than a day and in-ground pools in about a week. Some work may involve the use of heavy equipment, however, we pride ourselves on being as transparent as possible. Our full service removal includes final touches, which will make your yard look as if it never had a pool at all.

Leak Detection:

With a combination of pressure testing and high-tech equipment we can accurately find leaks in underground plumbing and repair them. Using the least invasive processes for finding leaks saves your property by reducing the damages due to unnecessary destruction. Finding leaks can take some time, but restores your confidence with your pool equipment knowing it is running properly and efficiently. Wasting water is like wasting money!


Having a professional inspect your pool provides essential piece of mind, especially when buying a new home. BHP Pool Service works with commercial, residential and insurance companies to sort through the confusion and accurately assess any situation. We will inform you of the current condition, clarify the unknown, warn you of signs of trouble and provide full recorded reports.


A useful addition to your pool or backyard; our state licensed builders and craftsmen can build all types of decks. Either the cost-effectiveness of treated lumber or lower-maintenance aspects of composite, both are sure to spruce up any potential entertainment area. Each deck layout is customized and built to suit individual tastes and needs for functionality.

Gas and Electric

You won’t regret extending your swimming season by installing a pool heater. Our licensed technicians provide reliable utility services to your equipment to keep it running smooth and safe for your family’s enjoyment. Not limited to pools, we have the ability to provide power and gas connections to anything requiring it. For instance, accent your landscape and house with directional lighting or provide natural gas to your BBQ.