In-ground Pools

Complete In-ground pool service and installation

We not only offer custom designed, turn-key installations, but also complete pool service and repair. We are glad to serve our customers with years of installation and repair experience. BHP Pool Service has worked hard in becoming a multifaceted, well-rounded company, and this is the reason we believe we are “Southeastern Michigan’s #1 Swimming Pool Experts.”

Professional and Expert Attention

When it comes to the investment of your in-ground pool you can be sure your in-home quote won’t be handled by a commissioned sales representative  who is highly experienced in the industry. Each quote is calculated individually, rather than by formula, in order to guarantee you the most accurate price based on your custom selected features.

What sets our work ahead of our competition is by providing the know-how throughout entire the process. Knowing your pool service will be COMPLETED by experienced builders, is the leading reason people choose BHP Pool Service.

Building Paradise, One Backyard at a Time!

Literally, if you can draw it on a piece of paper we can make it a reality for you! State of the art technology and materials allows BHP Pool Service to take pool design to a whole new level. Our exclusive access to high quality materials, GUARANTEED to last a lifetime, grants us the ability to push pool shapes to the limit. This out-of-the-box approach enables us to outrival typical pool design concepts and deliver originality to our customers.

The installation

Your pool equipment is where all of the heavy-lifting is done. Our pool equipment is tried and true and we use use only the highest-quality pumps, filters, pipes, and control units. Complete pool service is what we always provide for our customers.