The Importance of Seasonal Pool Filter Cleaning

Seasonal pool filter cleaning is the key to keeping your swimming pool filtration system operating at its best.

Most Michigan pool owners will close down their pool so, our recommended seasonal pool filter cleaning has many benefits. These benefits include reduced stress on your pool equipment, increased energy efficiency, a clean, healthy water environment, and an extended life for your pool pump and filtration system.

Example Pool Filter Setup

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What is a Seasonal Pool Filter Cleaning?

For Michigan pool owners, seasonal pool filter cleaning is a deep cleaning of your pool filters at the start and end of the swimming season. In Southeastern Michigan that’s typically once in March-April and again in October-November. However, if your pool has especially high traffic, you may need to consider cleaning your swimming pool filtration system every month in the summer season.

If you are a BHP Pool Service customer, your regular pool technician will have the data and numbers from your system to help determine how often is best for you. (For example, a measurable increase in the pressure of your pool filtration system means that there is a reduced flow due to a build up of debris, dirt, calcium, and oils.)

Why Clean Your Swimming Pool Filtration System?

We all want our pool water to be clear and clean. Whether or not your pool water is crystal clear depends on how your water chemistry is maintained.

Given the choice between a crystal clear pool and a slightly cloudy or dirty one, common sense tells us that you’ll choose the clean one. Not only do we enjoy the experience of a clean pool more, but we’re less likely to have anxiety about chemicals, germs, and even our own health.

There is some science at work here. Let us explain.

Filters are an essential component to maintaining a healthy pool. Filters are designed to remove unwanted debris, dirt, calcium, and oils.

Unfortunately, filters don’t clean themselves, yet. This means that someone needs to come and physically remove and clean the medium inside your filter system.

So, unless you’re extremely handy with home DIY, plumbing, electricity, cleaning, and pool filtration systems, you’ll want to call an expert. We will be able to provide you with seasonal pool filter cleaning, both quickly and efficiently.

Schedule Your Next Pool Filter Cleaning Today

If you haven’t had your swimming pool filtration system cleaned since the beginning of summer (or longer!), then schedule your next pool filter cleaning today.

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