Seasonal Pool Service – Pool Opening Program

Customers often ask “when is it the right time of the year to open our pool?” Early spring is generally a good time to begin balancing your pool water, as it will prevent algae from forming when the warmer weather arrives. Our professional swimming pool opening services include the removal of the winter cover and winterization plugs, adding start-up pool chemicals, reassembling and starting up your pool filtration equipment for the season, putting in ladders, diving boards, lights and more.

Our Pool Opening Service Includes the Following:

Mesh & Solid Cover Removal

Vacuum, Brush & Fill Pool

Inspect Pump


Cleaning & Acid or Power Wash

Check Maintenance Equipment

Heater Overhaul & Startup

Inspect Filter

Balance Water Chemistry

Seasonal Pool Service – Pool Closing Program

The best time to close your swimming pool after its season is when the warm weather season ends and before it turns freezing. Algae growth is minimal during this time, which makes for an ideal and seamless pool closing process.

Pool services typically involved in a pool closing include draining of water to proper winterization levels, blowing out the plumbing lines, winterizing filtration equipment, adding pool chemicals, swimming pool cover installation and disassembling all pool accessories including ladders, diving boards and lights.

Our Pool Closing Service Includes the Following:

Drain Pool to Proper Winterizing Level

Plug with Customer’s Plugs

Shut Down Pool Heater

Blow Out Water From Lines &

Remove Handrails, Fittings, Baskets,

Balance, Shock, & Winterizing

Introduce Antifreeze if Necessary

Put On Winter Cover