Hardscapes: Concrete & Brick Pavers

pavers BHP Pool Service

Complete your swimming pool or backyard with the elegant look of a concrete or brick paver patio. Our longstanding success derives from proper preparation of the ground prior to installation, as a little bit of preparation makes a world of difference. We believe in, not only meeting, but exceeding set standards for foundations for all projects from sidewalks and patios to driveways and retaining walls. Whether it is stamped, colored, exposed aggregate, standard finish, or decorative brick pavers – we’re sure your guests will compliment it!


fencing BHP Pool Service

Pool fencing for your above ground pool, deck fencing, lattice or yard fencing; it makes no difference, we have qualified and experienced installers for all styles. Local government requires fencing around pool areas, so once you decide the color of either chain-link, aluminum, wood, or vinyl we will press forward get it ordered and installed.